Alaska Cycling Productions
Anchorage, AK

Most of you know James Stull. James has been one of the prominent figures in Alaska cycling for over 15 years now. As the owner of Chain Reaction Cycles and 9:ZERO:7 Bikes in Anchorage. James has been on the front line of our community for a long time. After years of promoting and sponsoring events through Chain Reaction Cycles we have decided it was time to take this to another level.


Meet Mark Keller! What started as a retail job for Mark at Chain Reaction sparked his love for cycling that had been dormant for years. Since starting at Chain, James and Mark have been talking about starting a new project--and what you see here is the result.

Our new project would involve taking the events out of the bike shop and creating something new. Something that can be shared with the strong cycling community in Alaska.

The rest of the team is made up of the Chain Reaction family. We have some very dedicated people that love to race their bikes and want to see more people enjoying their passion.